Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

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Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves – When the temperature drops, blood is pumped out of your organs and back to the heart. This is why your fingers and toes feel colder than the rest of your body, and a pair of well-fitting gloves can help protect your hands from body heat.

This is not new knowledge, but for some reason, people still prefer to keep their hands in their pockets.

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

This may be due to the belief that gloves are difficult, impractical for work or not very stylish. While this may be the case for some gloves, such as thick ski gloves or thin nylon gloves sold at corner stores, there are quality gloves that will keep you warm without sacrificing mobility or style.

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Gloves right here. When people use this term, they are talking about non-lined gloves that are there to protect the wearer’s hands from scratches and calluses. Here’s a guide to stocking leather gloves that will keep you warm, look cool… and get the job done.

The list will start with gloves suitable for mild winters and gradually progress to gloves designed to withstand sub-freezing nights.

For all brands listed below, retailers recommend sizing based on the circumference of your hand and the length from the bottom of your hand to the base of your longest finger.

Awkward note: At first I thought “the circumference of your hand” meant wrapping a tape measure around the circumference of my hand, carefully placing it under each finger. This actually means rolling the tape measure.

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If this is too confusing, try using several brands. Free return policy and try on a few sizes until it feels right.

The term “fits like a glove” is often used to describe a shoe that conforms to the shape of your feet and has little room for movement. Ironically, that’s not how you want your leather gloves to fit. Because of how mobile and flexible your hands are, the gloves will expand a bit with wear – so don’t worry if they feel a little tight (but not too tight) out of the package.

Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the cuff. You want the glove cuffs to be a little longer so that your wrists are securely covered when you tuck the gloves under the sleeve. Elasticated cuffs also help heat escape.

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

The softness of the deerskin and Roper’s polyester lining will keep your hands warm in mild weather, and they’re completely made in the USA.

Black Zip Detail Leather Glove

These are the gloves I’ve been wearing for two years to keep me warm in the New York winters.

Sullivan’s Glove is as American as the place: it’s a small business that focuses exclusively on gloves, and they’re all custom cut and sewn in Bend, Oregon. Their “made to order” helps reduce waste and keep prices reasonable, and it’s actually the cheapest entry on this list – and my most used.

They sell a wide variety of gloves for motorcyclists, farm workers, and ranchers, but for general warmth, their classic Deerskin Roper is the one you want to check out.

These are Sullivan’s most popular glove models in the “Classic” line. It’s slim, light, and built like a work glove, but because of its minimal pattern, it actually goes with most outfits easily.

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My pair in different situations (and in my Grant Stone Ottawa shoes (left) and Red Wing 877s (right))

First, due to the flexibility of deerskin, over time the ropes will adjust to the width of your fingers and maintain their original length. Second, because the deerskin fibers are woven together, the ropes are very soft, yet resistant to water and abrasion. This means they will be more comfortable and tactile than similar gloves made from cowhide, which means it’s easier to feel the outside world through the glove. (An important feature for guys who work the controls in gloves.)

Finally, what makes Deerskin Ropers so great is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike many hides, deerskin does not dry out after getting wet. They will keep their shape and comfort even after a light snow storm.

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

For additional insulation, the ropes are coated with a layer of polyester that will protect your hands in warm temperatures. If it drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit where you live, you may want to consider other options on this list.

Leo Insulated Glove

If Roper gloves aren’t your style, you can consider some alternatives that carry Sullivan gloves. I chose 3 that would be perfect for work and look great around town. Like the roper, these are all made from 2.5-3oz drum-dyed American buckskin.

Filson is the gold standard for heritage wear. These goatskin gloves are tough, made from plush merino wool, and are the perfect compromise between warmth and style.

Filson is a powerhouse in fashion and, to no one’s surprise, is one of the contenders on this list. Surprisingly, their glove isn’t the most expensive option here. Usually when Filson is listed with other brands, they come out on top for price (but quality)!

Like Roper, Filson’s offering is made in the United States from Grade A American leather. But unlike the gun, these gloves are made of goat skin.

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In general, goat skins differ from deer skins in that they are not as soft or flexible, but instead, you get a skin that has a higher tensile strength. This means that if you are going to work in gloves, Filson’s Goatskin Glove will be slightly better than the Roper.

This model is also lined with merino wool instead of polyester. Because of the wool’s superior insulation and moisture wicking ability, this glove is even better than the Sullivan in various temperatures: it’s fine in the fall, but fully functional in sub-freezing temperatures.

Because of the hand, the fingers are long and slender, while Sullivan’s fingers are slightly thicker and wider. Ultimately, which one is “better” depends on how you prefer to fit your gloves.

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

Hestra has been making quality gloves since 1936, and you can be sure that Primeloft’s insulated, zip-lock leather will keep your hands toasty all winter long.

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Next is the Swedish legend Hestra. They were established in the 1930s and are another brand that exclusively sells gloves.

One of their hottest offerings is the Utsjö, which is made from Nordic elk hide. For the uninitiated, elk hide is similar to deer hide in that it is abrasion resistant and has a higher ability to absorb moisture. It makes a lot of sense when you consider how similar these two animals are in terms of appearance, diet and lifestyle. And like, rating.

On their respective websites, Sullivan and Hestra list their leathers as 2.5 ounces and 4 ounces, respectively. If 1 ounce of hide is equal to 1/64 inch, that means a Roper deer hide is about 2/64 inch thick, while a moose hide is about 4/64 inch thick. An excess of elk hide provides additional insulation, cushioning and protection over both deerskin and goatskin.

These utility gloves are 100% waterproof and resistant to both heat and cold. Featuring Thinsulate insulation, Hipora lining and a heat reflective shield, there is no tougher glove on the market.

Biltwell Bantam Riding Gloves

This last entry is for the Sub-Zero brothers who absolutely need the warmest leather gloves. I just don’t know why it’s called “4-Season” – it makes your hands sweaty at room temperature and I wouldn’t recommend it in temperate climates.

But it protects your hands from any extreme temperature, be it extreme cold or heat – you can put your hands in boiling water in 4 seasons.

The 4-Season Glove is a cowhide work glove made in Pakistan. Being made from natural leather in a developing country helps the company keep its cost down to just $119, making it one of the cheapest products on this list – still great in sub-zero temperatures. Give’r makes their gloves incredibly flexible and 100% waterproof by waxing the cowhide and then using a Hipora membrane.

Best Men's Winter Leather Gloves

For those unfamiliar with technical textiles, Hipora is a 3-layer semi-permeable membrane system that allows moisture to escape but prevents it from penetrating.

The Maverick Deerskin Motorcycle Glove

If you look at their reviews, it is after the firefighter Ice Fisher, after confirming the amazing protective effect of these tank-like gloves from Canada. They take longer to break in than other leathers, but the feeling of protection is worth it.

Lined with luxurious cashmere and stitched with super-soft leather, these aren’t meant for field work, but they do a great job of keeping you warm and your toes active.

Bonus entry! This is one of the most interesting yet enduring signs of our time.

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